Detective Conan Movie 04: Captured in Her Eyes

Officer Satou Keiji is injured by this killer and Ran is the only witness. Suffering from traumatic shock, she loses her memory of everything in her life. As a result, the killer now knows that Ran has seen his/her face, and plans to get rid of the only eye witness.

Added: 2021-06-26 03:46:51

Release: 2000

Duration: 100 min

actors: Takayama Minami,Chiba Isshin,Hayashibara Megumi,Fukami Rika,Inoue Kazuhiko,Takashima Gara,Takagi Wataru,Yamaguchi Kappei,Kamiya Akira

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation

IMDB: 7.8